Business Scope

●The installation, maintenance, mo-
dification and overhauling of passe-
nger boarding bridges.
●The manufacture, installation, mai-
ntenance, modification and overhau-
ling of goods processing systems.
●The manufacture, installation, mai-
ntenance, modification and overhau-
ling of aircraft guiding systems.
●The installation, maintenance, mo-
dification and overhauling of aircraft
airconditioners fixed on passenger
boarding bridges.
●The installation, maintenance, mo-
dification and overhauling of aircraft
400Hz power supplies.
●The operation of aircraft airconditi-
oners fixed on passenger boarding
●The operation of aircraft 400Hz po-
wer supplies.
●The maintenance, modification and
overhauling of airport shuttle buses.
●The maintenance, modification an-
d overhauling of elevating platform v-
●The maintenance, modification and
overhauling of aircraft tractors.
● The modification and upgrade of fe-
rry terminal equipment.
●The design and installation of hotel
monitoring systems,video conferenc-
systems and safeguard systems.
●The repair and modification of hotel
boilers and factory boilers.
●The design, manufacture and insta-
llation of parking lots intelligent man-
agement and charging systems.
●The machining of mechanical parts.
●The installation of water and electri-
●The sales or commission sales of
mechanical and electrical equipment
and  parts.

About Us

Shenzhen Yaocheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Yaocheng ,Yangcheng Company or the Company)is a specialized service company which aims primarily at civil aviation services such as the commission sales , the installation, the commissioning , the operation, the repair and maintenance, the emergency repair, the overhauling,the upgrade modification, the relative design and construction, and the parts supply for airport special equipment.
Yaocheng Company has a high-leveled and experienced maintenance and construction crew whose key personnel have been engaged in the design,the manufacture , the maintenance and the overhualing of airport equipment for a long time.Since 1990,these people have designed, repaired, modified or overhauled many passenger boarding bridges,goods processing systems or special vehicles for many domestic or overseas airports or airline companies.
With the development of business, the Company’s registered capital has been increased upto RMB1,080,000.Nowadays, the Company has obtained the Installation Qualification of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment issued by the government construction department,the Permit for Production Safety issued by the government production safety department, and the ISO9001+GB50430 Quality Management Certificate issued by the international standardization organization.
Nowadays,the Company has established 1 holding company,1 branch company, 2 agencies and 3 permanent service stations, with total more than 160 personnel.
Being long time engaged in civil aviation services, Yaocheng Company knows deeply the importance of construction quality and equipment safety,and strictly  disciplines  ourselves during the practical works and controls the construction quality through strict inner management,reasonable construction organization,religious work attitude and scientific control measure in order to meet clients’ continuously raised safety need. Yaocheng’s business has now covered most domestic airports and has a good reputation among them. Now Yaocheng is participating in the mechanical and electrical installation works in the municipal engineerings.
“Honesty ,sense of responsibility,innovations,seeking for excellence , providing specialized and efficient services continuously  ”is the company’s service tenet.

Industry News

Passenger Boarding Bridge

Elevating Platform Vehicle

Aircraft Guidance System

Goods Process System

Aircraft Airconditioner

Aircraft Tractor

Shuttle Bus

Luggage Sorting System

400Hz Aircraft Power Supply

※ Service features:
1、Upgrade Modification:Performing the upgrade modification to the used equipment according to existing defects, user's requirements,the synchronism of new products or new technologies to ensure the equipment safe and  reliable.
2、Storage Services: Supply ing round-the-clock spare parts to our clients based on storage services which shortens the procurement period and lessens the parts cost.
3、Ground Services:Performing maintenance and operations of ground equipment for clients.
4、Technology Training:  Training operatione and maintenance crews for clients.
5、Emergency Technical support: Providing round-the -clock technical suppout to clients.

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